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Unveil the Haunting Secrets of The Watson House:
An Exclusive Luxury Paranormal Investigation

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Embark on a Night of Elegance and the Supernatural – A Truly Unique Experience at a Lavishly Renovated Historic Gem

Saturday, November 4th - Sunday November 5th, 2023

Check-In: Noon-1 PM

Check-Out: By 11 AM


Luxury Getaway

Spine-Tingling Paranormal Activity


Professional (Spooky) Photos

Are you a thrill-seeker with a taste for both the spine-tingling and the luxurious? 

Seeking an otherworldly encounter that marries elegance with the supernatural? 


Look no further than The Watson House – a meticulously restored historic gem nestled in the heart of Strawn, Texas. 


Picture yourself immersed in sumptuous accommodations, savoring exquisite meals, wine, and snacks against the backdrop of a captivating river view. As night descends, prepare to explore the paranormal in a home that whispers of its haunted history, including an embalming room turned guest room, where no one has been able to brave an entire night. Join The Real Ghosts Of... Podcast and Wandering Soul Paranormal for an unparalleled night of spectral excitement, guided by our very own psychic medium and seasoned investigators, and equipped with top paranormal tools. This is the pinnacle of haunted elegance, where you can quench your thirst for the supernatural while indulging in the lap of luxury.




  • Noon-1 PM: Check-in and light snacks

  • 1 PM: Lunch in the formal dining room

  • 2:30 PM: Tour + History of The Watson House and grounds

  • 4:30-5:30 PM: Free Hour (Explore the home, take a nap, get ready for photos)

  • 5:30-8:00 PM: Dinner + Professional Photoshoot! Please dress in your best 20’s attire for the occasion. The Real Ghosts Of… team photographer will be giving each participant their very own mini photoshoot in the home! You will be sent 3-5 final edited professional images. 

    • Everyone will be switching off from taking their photos and eating. We will create a final order of who will be photographed when. When not being photographed, please enjoy dinner, wine, and the beautiful views of the property! Or sit and enjoy some background movie watching of The Conjuring. 👻

  • 8:30 PM on: Paranormal investigation together of the house and grounds! You’re joining the team for the evening!


  • 9-10 AM: Breakfast in the formal dining room

  • 10-10:50 AM: Packing up and final time to explore the house and property on your own

  • 11 AM: Check Out


Spaces for this exclusive overnight investigation at The Watson House are extremely limited (only a maximum of 11 spaces available)!


The paranormal energy that courses through this beautifully renovated historic home is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who seek an unforgettable encounter with the unknown. Imagine the stories you'll share, the chills you'll feel, and the camaraderie you'll forge with fellow seekers of the supernatural. Don't miss your chance to join us for a night that will forever be etched in your memory. Secure your spot now, and be part of an elite group of adventurers who will explore the shadowy corners of The Watson House, where history and mystery converge. This is your invitation to become part of a select few who have experienced the true essence of paranormal luxury. Reserve your place today and get ready to embark on a journey that will leave you breathless, mystified, and yearning for more!


Reserve You Room

The Yellow Room

  • 1 bed, separate attached living room, + private en suite bathroom

  • Can sleep up to 3 people

$900 total

($300 per person for 3 people)

The PINK Room

  • 1 bed + private en suite bathroom

  • Can sleep up to 3 people

$600 total

($200 per person for 3 people)

The LILAC Room

  • 1 bed + private en suite bathroom

  • Can sleep up to 3 people

$600 total

($200 per person for 3 people)