by day: digital course creator, president & founder nr media, flutist

by night: medium, empath, paranormal investigator

Based in Austin, Texas, Nicole has been fascinated by the paranormal since childhood. Despite having unexplained experiences her entire life & an uncanny ability to pick up on deaths in locations, it wasn't until recently that Nicole discovered her ability to communicate with spirits.

An avid researcher & lifelong learner, Nicole loves to explore topics related to spirituality, the supernatural, paranormal investigative tools and techniques, & the history of individuals + locations. 


the team



by day: private flute instructor, video editor

by night: also a video editor, general tech guy, paranormal enthusiast

New to the paranormal scene in Austin, Devin has always found himself surrounded by those in touch with the other side. While he doesn't consider himself to be particularly intune with the spirit world, the paranormal still factors heavily into his life.

As the podcast's audio/visual engineer, Devin is passionate about bringing the stories we collect to you and sharing the most accurate account of the hauntings of Austin, TX possible.




by day: doctor of musical arts, flutist of gs duo, pianist, songwriter & composer

by night: empath, historical researcher, paranormal enthusiast

A native of Sarasota, FL., Angela has been drawn to the paranormal since early childhood. At the age of three, Angela began incessantly talking about people, places, and events that she couldn't possibly know about in great detail. This prompted her mother to take her to a therapist who quickly realized Angela was experiencing intense past-life regression and able to tap into the events and emotions of those around her, as well as predict future occurrences through premonitions in dreams. A lifelong scholar and history buff, Angela enjoys learning and researching as much as she can about people, places, architecture, and events of the past and connecting the dots of every story that are often lost or forgotten to history.



by day: registered nurse

by night: assistant investigator, researcher, technical

Taylor is a registered nurse by day and a paranormal researcher by night. Taylor assists the team by building new equipment to communicate with spirits and analyzes field data such as EVP and video. She also enjoys researching local places of interest.




by day: high school student

by night: assistant investigator, technical, ghostern for The Real Ghosts Of Podcast

Fenia is 16 and attends a local high school. She is also an artist and enjoys painting and drawing. She is obsessed with all things paranormal, especially communicating with spirits through EVP, Ouija board, and spirit box. Fenia is also Taylor's daughter.