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Episode 1: Introductions

In our first episode, we introduce ourselves, our backgrounds, and our relationship to the paranormal. From here on, you will hear two different styles of episodes: Paranormal Investigations, and Wine and Spirits.

Within our investigations you’ll learn about the reportedly haunted locations and detailed history conducted by researchers Devin Glasgow, Taylor Dean, and Angela Galestro. Once there is an established informational baseline, we’ll use Nicole Riccardo’s medium abilities along with other investigative detecting tools and techniques including EMF detectors, EVP recorders, the spirit box, and the Estes Method.

Since effective research takes time, you can tune in to The Real Ghosts Of and join us for Wine and Spirits between investigations! This is where we sip some wine and share YOUR stories. Have you or a friend ever experienced anything paranormal or unexplained? Submit your story for a chance to be featured!

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If you’re curious about our operations and want to lend a hand, we have a Patreon where you can access exclusive behind-the-scenes content and unedited investigation videos. When you become a patron of our podcast, you are not only supporting the show, but you are allowing us to pay for equipment, podcast hosting, and travel.

Creep it real out there, y’all!

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